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Reindeer Games, Pat Godwin (Rage-n-Records)

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godwin.jpgThis is an independent production out of Philadelphia circa 1992. I don't know anything about Pat (UPDATE: I do now), but I like the way he thinks. I bought this without hearing it as soon as I saw the eighth cut on the album, "Grandpa Got Worked Over By a Mobster," which is an excellent parody of the now-overplayed Elmo and Patsy tune and alone worth buying the album for. The title song is Christmas through the eyes of Santa's reindeer, possibly a first, and other highlights include "I Got Dumped For Christmas," "Santa, Welcome To the Modern World" and "Christmas Tree." The overall performances and sound quality are a little amateurish, but "Grandpa" makes it all worthwhile. There are some copies knocking around cheaply, but Pat's currently got all his recordings up on his website.

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