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Recently in 2010s Category

This Los Angeles duo comes to us via a British label, performing mellow psychedelic garage pop, at least if these two sides from 2014 give us anything to go on. (The Urban Dictionary definition of the band's name contributes to that impression.) "Round Christmas Time" asks in a dreamy tone, "Why do you always love me more round Christmas time?" And on "The Psychedelic Lights of Christmas," acoustic guitars and jingle bells offer a spacey ode to our electric decorations (though probably not to those aggressive suburban displays set to Trans-Siberian Orchestra). These tunes make for an enjoyable change of pace.

Pure Holiday, Ice Choir (Cascine)

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Old-school synthpop rears its head here with the two sides of this Brooklyn band's holiday single for 2014. "It's Different Now" is reminiscent of a ballad by Erasure, a sort of coming-of-age Christmas song. "Cut Down the Tree" is also a ballad about harvesting the holiday decoration, although it's hard to tell because the vocals are mixed kind of low. Still, this will fill that Depeche Mode-sized hole in your holiday playlists.
eatme.jpgThis British band calls themselves purveyors of "shambolic rock music," and this kind of punk-ish uptempo number will make your Boxing Day celebrations more enjoyable. This 2014 tune is at Bandcamp, leave them a tip even though there's no minimum.
From Portland, Maine, this band appears to have an affiinty for 70s-era hard rock, and they sound really good doing it. "Can't Spend Another Christmas (Without You)" is a solid uptempo original with that sound, and the EP rounds out with Stevie Wonder's "What Christmas Means To Me" and Elton John's "Ho Ho Ho (Who'd Be a Turkey at Christmas)." Although the EP was released in 2014, "Can't Spend Another Christmas" was on CDBaby as early as 2011 by itself. Grab it from Bandcamp.

"At Christmas Time," WJLP (self-issued)

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WJLPxmas.jpgHere's a Netherlands band that named itself after William J. LePetomaine, if the Soundcloud URL is to be believed, anyway. This 2014 holiday rocker is solid gold power pop and needs to be in next year's holiday playlist. (Better make a note of that myself.)

cafeine.jpgMissed this when it was a free download at Soundcloud (you can still stream it there), but it was a single in time for Christmas 2014 and will be on the artist's 2015 album New Love that drops in February. It's a nice raging uptempo rocker, guitars to the fore, and it's all about Christmas in the big city, as you might well imagine.

sotaxmas.jpgSOTA is a production company from Georgia, or "music collective" as the popular phrase currently goes, and they promote, produce and even make their own rock-Americana flavored music alongside a small roster of artists. For 2014 they decided to try their hand at Christmas music, and they've put together a nice collection of music featuring their own roster along with a few guests from outside. Things kick off promisingly with a fine uptempo arrangement of "Silent Night" from Marshall Ruffin, a song that too often gets the reverent, or worse, the diva approach. The Shadowboxers acquit themselves well on "Every Day Will Be Like a Holiday," Alex Gordon Hi Fi offers a guitar/bass instrumental rendition of "Deck the Halls," then they back Marshall Ruffin on "Angels We Have Heard on High." Indianapolis Jones offers a fine uptempo original by Galavanters' bass player Nicholas Niespodziani called "Peace and Harmony," and then that band comes back with their own organ-led instrumental take on "Jolly Old St. Nicholas." Big Mike Geier gets help from Larkin Poe on "Christmas Island," Trs Lechers perform a jazzy xylophone-led "Joy to the World" and Michelle Malone, who has a past Christmas album to her credit, performs the original "Feels Like Christmas." Stephen Kellogg, with help from the Galavanters, performs his syncopated original "Christmas in Cancun," the Handlebars render Ellis Paul's "Santa Claus & the Tooth Fairy," in which a mild Bo Diddley rhythm meets a child-sung chorus, Tim Smith takes on NRBQ's "Chrismas Wish," and Mike Snowden breaks out the cigar box guitar and accordion for a suitably rocking exit to the disc with "Auld Lang Syne." The producers imply in their liner notes that this may become a tradition, and that's all right with me.

baycityrollers.jpgI'm always bemoaning when artists from the now-distant past attempt to make themselves relevant again with a Christmas release, especially when they use their rock brand name to make something that's more in the adult contemporary vein. And of course, the Bay City Rollers is not a brand name that suggests rock integrity. Nevertheless, this is a strong pop-rocker that draws on the BCR legacy but hammers out a fine rock rhythm. You might want to check out this 2014 single before you dismiss it entirely.
daltonweekes.jpgNever heard of this guy until recently, and then only because of this fine Phil Spector-influenced holiday rocker. (Turns out he's in Panic! At the Disco.) Just released in 2014, the way he strings together holiday cliches threatens to make the title unironic, but the driving rhythm and fuzzy bass set against the Carpenters-esque piano is simply addicting. Gotta have.
I stumbled over the first Noise to the World right when posting resumed in November and found it to be a great free EP of Christmas tuneage. Should have kept checking after that, because in December 2014 they rolled out #2, another fine collection that's free. (Except for the Michael Christmas cut, which has resisted all attempts at downloading. You have to go to Soundcloud and download the songs one at a time, and that one won't cough up a button.) Deer Tick's "White Havoc" steals some melody from "At Seventeen" and a bit of "Last Christmas" in a fine rocker, IamSul's "Next Season" and "Pleasant Winter" by Michael Christmas provide the hip-hop on this collection, GRMLN's "Before December (You're Alive)" is a driving indie rocker, Torreblanca featuring Iraida Noriega offer a spacey take on "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas," with a duo vocal offering a bit of Lee Hazlewood with Nancy Sinatra, and the award winners for this collection are the Dum Dum Girls with "On Christmas," a nice girl group via synthpop rendition of a fine melody, getting a little help with synths from the guys in Ice Choir. That's two in a row for the makers of Chuck Taylors, so I guess I better put a note in my calendar for 2015.

Holidaze, Happy Fangs (self-issued)

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Gotta love how this San Francisco band mashed up all the year-end holidays across two songs of this 2014 single. "Fangsgiving" is their punky take on creating a substitute holiday of their own with all the Christmas trappings, although they may not have the success that Festivus has had in that regard. Then they state that "All I Want For Christmas Is Halloween," a bit more garagy-sounding appeal for a goth do-over two months later. "Bet you thought this song was going to be jolly," they sing, and actually I got a laugh out of it, which is all that matters.
Here is the 2012 EP from which the Cherryade 10 compilation got this band's "It's Xmas, So It's OK (To Go and Hug a Turkey)." According to the info on Soundcloud, these songs are "offshoots" of songs from their 111-song debut recording, Men. The sound here is kind of skiffle-poppy and a bit twee, although they go a little Wild Man Fischer on "All I Got For Christmas Was a Bike," as in "All I got for Christmas was a goddamn bike." In addition to the "Hug a Turkey" song and this one, they also perform "The Best Gift Ever...." and "I Took a Match to the Christmas Tree." Fun stuff. The EP was reissued in 2013 as Merry Marauding Christmas, minus the "Match" song, which they apparently gave to a magazine compilation that is long gone. The original EP is on Bandcamp with a request for payment, although you can specify $0, and the updated version is on Soundcloud, freely downloadable.
These folks are members of Les Savy Fav and the Blue Bloods, and for 2012 they came together to create this sweet pop-rock EP that remains available in the usual download locations. "Holidays Aren't the Same Without You" is a warm piano ballad, "Twinkling Lights" is a late-60s poppy confection and the title song is a solid Christmas rocker. Not much from these folks since the EP; their website URL is parked and there are no posts on their Facebook page since early 2013. Nevertheless, what they did here is worth remembering -- and playing.

From Pittsburgh, this guy wanted to do some punk rock Christmas songs, so he started knocking them out until he ran out of time. Literally; this dropped on Christmas Eve 2014 on Bandcamp. "Good King Wenceslas" gets a driving thrash rhythm, "Feliz Navidad" is rendered in a punk-ska arrangement, "Two Front Teeth" is a midtempo rendition with plenty of scratchy guitars, "Blue Christmas" is pretty close to a typical rendition, and "Father Christmas" is mostly faithful to the Kinks original. Vocals are a little pitchy and it definitely sounds home-recorded, but the energy is good and the collection is listenable.

"Pitter Patter," Dana Alexandra (Think Loud)

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A late 2013 release, this fine poppy holiday confection comes from this rising singer from York, Pa. Solid work, featuring a nice shuffle rhythm that kicks in after the first verse, clean crisp guitars and Dana's distinctive singing voice.

North Pole Vault EP, Ian McGlynn (Bailey Park)

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Ian's a professional musician with a career doing film & TV soundtrack work as well as a bit of acting. This carries over to the songs on this 2013 EP in that they are lushly produced synth-pop creations with ample instrumental breaks, but they're fine pop-rock meditations on the holiday. "Christmas Sleep" is the single, because it's catchy and also less than three minutes. "Christmas Morning," after a long instrumental intro, offers nostalgic lyrics about remembering childhood holiday events. "Our Favorite Christmas Movie" isn't about any particular film, the better that listeners can substitute their own favorites in this mellow ballad. There's a double dose of "Meet Me Where the Bright Lights Shine," a sweet waltz, and the title song is a slow instrumental featuring layers upon layers of keyboard melodies. Click to get it at Amazon. Ian previously recorded "The Snow Angel and the Icicle Sword" in 2010 and "Listen to the Choir Sing" in 2009 for the holiday, but neither seem to be available for download anywhere at the moment. UPDATE: North Pole Vault is free at Noisetrade.

"Let It Snow," George Ezra (self-issued)

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This Englishman had a 2014 hit with "Budapest," and in 2013 he put this up on Soundcloud, a folky-pop take on the popular Christmas song. It's just for streaming, so stream away.

"Christmas Day," GFOTY (PC Music)

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The acronym means Girl Friend Of The Year, and this 2014 slightly-off pop confection only dropped on Dec. 26 from this singer and producer who is, according to Stereogum, part of what's known as the PC Music collective of contemporary hit record makers. I really like this. It's downloadable from Soundcloud.

"O Holy Night," Osaka Popstar (Caf Muzeck)

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These guys are nominally a punk rock supergroup (their term), as their membership is a rotating cast of former associates of the Ramones, Misfits, Black Flag, the Voidoids and others. Although they got together in 2006, they persist to this day with this pop-punk take of the classic carol released in 2014. It's a good production, and you'll want it if a punk rock carol is what you need for your mix disc.
Old-school hard rock is this Massapequa, N.Y. all-girl band's forte, and for 2014 they bust out this fun talk-sing number in which the verses are letters to Santa demanding he come more than once a year. Write your own joke here. Still, this is great uptempo rocking fun and you should grab it.
The Glass Child is Charlotte Eriksson, a Swede by birth and a current Berliner via London, and need I add, a singer and songwriter as well as a published author with a memoir of her struggle to make it as a musician. She's been giving this EP away via Noisetrade this year, although it's not clear when she originally recorded it, but I don't think it's new in 2014. It's not exactly a rocker, more of a solo folkie thing. She contributes three originals, the dramatic "A Haunted Acapella" and the ballads "Winter Song" and "Where Are You Christmas,", an a capella "Silent Night," and a fairly conventional "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas." A little mellow for my taste, but well done.

Another new alt-rock boy-girl duo from New York, these folks do a spacey, lo-fi reconstruction of the Beach Boys' classic for 2014. It's an interesting take, although it's only on Soundcloud, and then only if you access it from Paste Magazine. Maybe they'll let it out next year.

"Christmas Magic," The National (unreleased)

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I've never really been much of a fan of "Bob's Burgers," but when the dark lords of angst from Ohio contribute to the soundtrack, we must give a nod. This is actually The National's third contribution to the show, but their first Christmas song. This aired a couple of weeks ago during the 2014 holiday season.

"Christmas Song II (Grinch)," Grimes (YouTube)

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Don't know much about Grimes except that she's an established performer with albums out on 4AD records. She dropped this a few days ago, after Christmas, stating it's not any kind of an official release and that she only did it with her stepbrother Jay to get out of Christmas dinner. There are a few dropped expletives, but generally it's a bit of loose mucking around and you'll probably get a giggle out of it.

"New Year's Eve," MØ (YouTube)

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No, I can't pronounce the artist's name, and I don't care. This 2014 year-ender is pretty neat, certainly up-to-the-minute in terms of production and instrumentation. And the lyric, emphasizing hope and anticipation, manages to be melancholy and upbeat at the same time. Haven't found any independent audio so far, but I'll update if I do. UPDATE: Grab it from Soundcloud. Thanks again, Stubby.

Festivus 2, various artists (Highline)

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The Highline label previously had a very good holiday compilation with the first Festivus, and in 2013 they took another crack at the holiday with this 16-song collection, which I've had for a while but has slipped through my fingers until now. Piney Gir is here with the poppy "It's Christmas," Dodgy tugs at the heart strings with "Christmas at the Foodbank," Red Pony Clock puts "Ho Ho Hos Before Hos" and Anthony Elvin offers the acoustic ballad "My Heart Is As Pure As the Snow." Glam Chops asserts that "Baby Jesus Was the First Glam Rocker," and Ulysses rocks out in a similar genre on "I Wish You a Merry Christmas." Left With Pictures has a suspenseful take on "The Coldest Night" and Mi Mye has a midtempo rocker with the unlikely title "Don't Freak Out On Me." Darling BOY's bouncy "Thank God It's Christmas" is an original, not the Queen tune, and "One Christmas Wish" by The Priscillas is a driving female-voice-led rocker. Best band name on this collection is Dennis Hopper Choppers, who do "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen," Lilys goes kind of 70s power pop with "Good King Wenceslas," Western Low have a spacey take on "Silent Night," Francis Macdonald and Anna Sheard offer the chant-oriented original "Silver Bells Sing Their Chime," and Alexander's Festival Hall offer an original take on the acoustic rocker "Three Kings." Another great collection from Highline.
The Christmas Jug Band is composed of Dan Hicks, he of the Hot Licks, and musicians culled from his immediate Bay Area musical orbit and a bunch of guests including such folks as Maria Muldaur, Norton Buffalo and Angela Strehli. They have had five albums of parody Christmas songs since approximately 1986, and this 2014 anthology is 17 of the songs from those albums plus two bonus cuts, "Santa Claus Is My Main Man" and "I'm Dreaming of a Wet Christmas." If folk-blues-swing with a bit of rock mixed in is your thing, then so is the Christmas Jug Band. Among the past titles featured here are "Somebody Stole My Santa Claus Suit," "Santa Lost a Ho," "I Want a Hippopotamus For Christmas," "Boogie Woogie Santa Claus" and "Santa Claus Want Some Lovin'." More has been said about their past work on this very site.

A few Christmas stragglers

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  • JoeXmas14.jpgJoe Bonemassa dropped a cover of "Santa Claus Is Back In Town" that's free to download from his site. (It'll cost you your e-mail address.) While retracing my steps to provide the link, I discovered there's also another one, "Lonesome Christmas." There was a free download last year as well.
  • Will Butler from Arcade Fire put an original Christmas song, "Christmas 2014," up on Soundcloud for streaming. It's a basic vocal over piano, but there's enough of a song there for a full band treatment, in my humble opinion (nudge, nudge).
  • Harry Shearer and Judith Owen visited The Onion's A.V. Club to do a jazzy take on the Spinal Tap classic, "Christmas With the Devil." Love Harry's bass ukelele, by the way.
  • Landlady is what Paste Magazine calls "a Brooklyn collective" that plays music and recently did a benefit holiday concert for the Bushwick School of Music, from which is derived this stream of their version of "Please Come Home For Christmas." Amelia Meath of Sylvan Esso is among the backing vocalists.
  • WXPN-FM in Philadelphia dug up a couple of Christmas gems from the Dead Milkmen. You can download "All I Want For Christmas Is a Job," but you'll have to settle for the video of "Christmas Party," which was apparently only on a cassette-only album from the 80s.

"Christmas Is Awesome," The Aquabats (YouTube)

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I had no idea this show even existed, let alone that it's by the creators of "Yo Gabba Gabba" or that it's on Discovery Family. (The only Discovery channel I bother with ever since they went all-reality all the time is Velocity, because I like cars.) Nevertheless, awesome is the right word for this rocked-out possible new Christmas classic, and any reservations about kid-rock are punted into the cheap seats by simply skipping the video portion. It appears to have dropped yesterday, according to the YouTube page. No separate audio, at this time anyway.

grandaddy.jpgJason Lytle of Grandaddy is producing Band of Horses' next album, and while they're wrapping that up, the two bands collaborated on this 2014 single, which is a slow acoustic song with a bit of orchestral backing. Lyrically there's not much going on here, the singer asking someone to hang an ornament on their tree, the rest is all mood. Still, it's an effectively emotional performance that fans of both bands will want and is worth the time of listeners everywhere.
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