Bactrim Ds Lisinopril

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Stocking Stuffer, The Fleshtones (Yep Roc)

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flshtons.jpgThese guys go back to the 70s New York punk scene and are still out there bashing out their "super rock" garage sound, adding a holiday disc to their repertoire for 2008. They kick off in style with "Hurray For Santa Claus," the old B-movie hit, and swing into "Six White Boomers," a Rolf Harris song, which sounds an awful lot like AC/DC, appropriately for a song about Christmas kangaroos(?). "You're All I Want For Christmas" is a nice ballad, "Super Rock Santa" is as advertised, "Christmas With Bazooka Joe" means lots of gum in your stocking, "In Midnight's Silence" is about the Nativity, and they also take on "Run Rudolph Run." These guys have really kept the bug-zapper burning in the garage for three decades, and if that's your speed you should check some of their recent discs as well. Update: Martin Johns corrects me on which songs are covers, like "Boomers," "Mr. Santa Claus" and "You're All I Want For Christmas," previously done by such folks as Brook Benton and Frankie Laine.

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