What Does The Medicine Lasix Do

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The Xmas EP, Never Shout Never (Loveway)

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Never Shout Never previously did a single for the holidays in 2008 called "30 Days," but that was when it was a one-man band. Now a full touring outfit, the group has cut loose with a Christmas gift for 2013, two originals and two covers, nice semi-acoustic versions of "Winter Wonderland" and "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)." "Everything is Cool" is a ukelele-and-harmonica harmony-vocal tune that combines a major-key melody that belies the minor-key lyrics, and "Under the Mistletoe" is an acoustic duet with Dia Frampton in which the singers agree to meet in the favorite holiday spot in the title. Mellow stuff, but highly listenable.

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Oh man - I almost forgot about this. Actually, I did forget about this. Dia Frampton has an amazing voice, and this song was to be on my Christmas Comp this year. Good thing I haven't finalized it :-) "Under the Mistletoe" has got to be part of it this year.

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